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Why we are different

As an owner-operated brokerage, you will always have direct access to a partner who is 100% invested in your service and success, eliminating the uncertainty that comes with layered service teams and turnover.


Through initial and ongoing due diligence, we work with you to uncover areas of opportunity within your program and that exist in the market. We have surrounded ourselves with first class partnerships, people, tools, and resources to leverage in maximizing your program's potential. 


Broker compensation is typically built into the premiums or fees you pay to insurance carriers. With us, you can expect complete compensation transparency on an ongoing basis.

Service continuity

The benefits broker community has seen massive consolidation. We are completely independent and free of corporate interests and pressures. You can expect ongoing service, expertise, and access to the A-Team always... no more filtering day-to-day vs. strategic contacts, no more service team turnover.

Savings opportunities

The cost of benefits (most notably health insurance) is commonly misunderstood or brushed aside as an expense that employers have little control over. The reality is, cost savings opportunities are complex and often not well communicated. We simplify, educate, and thoughtfully implement solutions that provide cost transparency, savings, and an enhanced member experience.

Unfiltered solutions

Cost savings and technology opportunities available to employers have outpaced many broker's ability to bring these solutions forward. This is commonly due to competing financial incentives, or lack of expertise. We educate on the full spectrum of opportunity based on each client's unique circumstances. Move forward confidently knowing every stone will be turned.

Better engagement

Employee benefits can be undervalued by employees and candidates. We embrace the role of delivering concise and impactful benefit communication strategies and tools. Have peace of mind knowing that your employee communications will be built to maximize value perception and align with the large investment you make in offering benefits.

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